£35 per adult


£30 per child 

for a good hour's amazing fun!


You might see PT after the word Segway - this means 'Personal Transporter'

We use Segway X2s - they're tough, all-terrain machines, perfect for adventuring. They use gyroscopic technology; they're easy to use & quickly become second nature. They balance themselves.

Some Segway X2 quick facts:

Weight 120 lbs/54.4 kg

Tyre width 8"/20 cm

Footprint 21" x 33"/67 cm x 84 cm

Maximum speed 12.5 mph/20 kph

Range up to 12 miles/19 km

The inventor - Dean Kamen

Click on his picture to read all about this amazing man & his worthy inventions & visit his company's page.




Segway inventor


Guideline minimum weight

7 stone/44kg

but if you weigh less,

call us to discuss

01208 832934

07923 888647

Maximum weight

18.5 stone/117kg

Minimum height

4ft 4in/132cm

again - this is just a guideline - call us

We provide helmets & warm gloves

You should wear sensible shoes

Avoid long, loose clothing

Be prepared for wind, rain & mud!